BPO developed a new playground slide in cooperation with HSV and the Belgian supplier of playground equipment KBT.

The goals were ambitious. The slide had to be cheaper and lighter than its predecessor and its design had to be clearly different from the other slides on the market. Of course all strength requirements had to be fulfilled and the TÜV tests for playground slides had to be passed. An additional demand was that the slide should be producible on the cascade injection moulding machine of HSV.

During development BPO integrated strength calculations, flow simulations and the aesthetic design as wanted by KBT into an optimal design in CAD.

At almost the same time lightweight slides were introduced by a couple of different suppliers. With the new slide KBT was able to withstand this competition very successfully and now has a bestselling product. The final product is a lightweight slide that thanks to the different analyses has an optimal strength and stiffness, packaged in an attractive design. Next to that it can be produced efficiently on the cascade injection moulding machine of HSV.

In six months the project has gone from idea to final product. Exactly on time to be presented on a trade fair and for the new outdoor playground season!

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