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BPO has been thé design agency for technical product development for over 35 years. Our team consists of more than 20 enthusiastic, dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts and material and production specialists. All with a passion for technical challenges.

Do you have a technical challenge?

BPO develops your idea into a functional and manufacturable product. We analyse your challenge and develop efficient and expert solutions, at total and detailed level. We are happy to take you into the world of production, plastics and other materials, prototypes, sustainability, moulds, standards and testing. We offer you a complete design process or support your own product development with our knowledge, experience and technical tools, such as simulations.

From our office in Delft, we work for clients in various industries all over the world. Products developed and optimised by BPO can be found everywhere: at home, in the store, on the street, underground, on the roof and even in the air!

Warehouse “de Liefde”

BPO is located in the national monument warehouse “de Liefde” in Delft. We look forward to welcoming you in this inspiring working environment for an introduction or project discussion.


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BPO develops innovative products in an integral process from idea to detailed design.

Plastic product development is our specialty. Since 1987, BPO has been the agency for technical product development. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders.

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