Projectmanagement & Consultancy

Specialist in plastics for your product development

Are you looking for a specialist in plastics to support you with your product development? The experts of BPO will gladly use their years of knowledge and experience in product development and optimisation to advise you on your product development and everything related to it. One can think of:

  • Economic and technical feasibility studies.
  • Interpreting applicable norms and standards, legislation and guidelines.
  • Application of Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) for your products.
  • Objective advice for important specialist and technical choices.
  • Riskmanagement, for instance by executing an FMEA.
  • Support of an international network of material suppliers, convertors, mouldmakers and test facilities.
  • Technical consultation and management of suppliers.
  • Drafting of a test plan.
  • Troubleshooting of pressing product or production problems.
  • Application and documentation of a patent on your product.

Projectmanagement and advise

We offer project management and advice to execute your project efficiently and goal oriented. Risks in the development and production are made insightful and manageable.

BPO, we know how

BPO develops innovative products in an integral process from idea to detailed design.

Plastic product development is our specialty. Since 1987, BPO has been the agency for technical product development. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders.

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