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Are you looking for a specialist to develop your plastic products?

BPO is specialised in plastic product development. We develop smart, innovative products using an integral approach from idea to detailed design. The detailed design will be ready for the manufacturing of production tools. If so required, we can offer a part of the development, like a joint brainstorm, a feasibility study, concept development and visualisation or the technical engineering of your concept design.

Analysis phase

The development project begins with an analysis phase where we determine and quantify the requirements and conditions of the product that is to be developed in consultation with you, our client. Here we look at all phases of the lifecycle of a product: from development up to usage. We also take into account production, assembly, storage, transport, installation and end-of-life when drawing up the list of requirements. This list of requirements is subsequently updated throughout the development process, it is adapted and expanded as needed. This is of great importance, because in the end the requirements will determine the cost of the product to a large degree.

Concept development

During the concept development we use creativity techniques and technical aids to create one or more concepts. One can think of brainstorming sessions, topology simulations and conceptual simulations. Every concept is a different combination of partial solutions that together make the product fulfill the most important requirements. The concepts are visualised and captured as sketches and rendered as 3D CAD-models.

Detailing of plastic products

When the concept design is finished, the design is further developed to a fully detailed product. In a number of steps the material is chosen and the required wall thicknesses and rib structure of the parts is determined. Simulations are used to calculate the required loads and producibility. Next to that, prototypes are used to functionally test the concept design. Our 3D printers make prototypes that are used for functional testing of your product. As an added feature, these models give a good image of the possible end result.

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BPO develops innovative products in an integral process from idea to detailed design.

Plastic product development is our specialty. Since 1987, BPO has been the agency for technical product development. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders.

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