Industria Technische Verlichting B.V has developed the Libra street light. This luminaire has several innovations that benefits the user as well as the environment. The light scatter is reduced by 80% which reduces light spillage and glare, whilst maintaining the going standards in illumination of the road surface. Furthermore, optimal water tightness (IP66) is guaranteed. All this is combined with an elegantly designed housing that fits neatly into its mast arm.

The luminaire consists of either one of two mast pieces that slides or is placed on top of the mast and a lamp housing. The housing is mounted on a mast piece, which allows for flexibility and easy fitting on site. BPO has supported the development of the luminaire by simulating the loads it will encounter. It goes without saying that wind force was one of these loads.

The luminaire is optimised by BPO’s engineers to endure short but high peak loads. The end point of the luminaire can support 100 kilograms without causing lasting deformation or breakage. In order to withstand these loads successfully BPO has optimised the housing and the two different mast pieces with the aid of FEM analyses. With relatively small adjustments, the strength and stiffness of the luminaire has improved dramatically, resulting in the luminaire meeting the requirements with ease.

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