Surplus Systems used the knowledge and experience of BPO in the field of logistic products to develop a box series. BPO started with a 600 x 400 x 320 mm concept design. This was used as a base to construct the other variations. The sophisticated construction of the CAD files resulted in a short lead time.

BPO developed the SF800H pallet based on the technical requirements as stated by Smart Flow Europe. These requirements were related to nesting height (maximum 50%), material (HDPE, possibly recycled), mass (between 10 and 12 kg) and several predefined load cases, like bending resistance on a forklift and racking, conveyor and impact performance.

Designing a new Euronorm box series appears to be a challenge because of the amount of products already available. Using curved lines in ribs and columns and a unique perforation, which serves both the functionality as well as the overall design, BPO together with Surplus Systems has created a modern look to the series in a conventional logistics market. As an added value, the boxes are much lighter than the standard Euronorm boxes available because of the realized stiffness in the double walled corner geometry.

The complete family of boxes consists of three different heights, two different sizes and a closed or perforated version.

Currently, this box family can be purchased at and in the OBI-DIY hardware stores (mainly located in Germany).

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