The BenBenBloc is a standard concrete element of 40cm by 80cm, which can be used in the construction industry. The blocks can be connected in various ways, with a standard ring and optional steel pipes connecting the separate elements.

The first application of the BenBenBlocs that was investigated is the construction of a new type of noise barrier along highways. Thanks to the shape of the element, it is easy to stack different wall shapes. The concept analysed by BPO uses steel pipes and plastic rings to connect the blocks.

The analysed load case concerns a wind load on a wall in the most critical area according to the standard. A section of the wall 10 meters high above the ground and 0.8 meters below the ground is simulated. In this case, the wall has a previously discussed S-shape. Based on the received CAD models, BPO has made simulation models of a block, tube and ring. The simulation itself was then made with this, which consists of 1241 parts.

The concept was analysed by, among other things, assessing the displacements, stresses and strains of the various parts. The wall as a whole is expected to withstand the load. However, critical tensions are also expected in a number of blocks. The design changes recommended by BPO aim to improve performance and reduce the number of parts required.

This project has not yet been completed with this analysis and possible follow-up steps have been discussed.


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