The full development of the HB3 pallet box was performed by BPO, from the first design brief to a detailed product with all required production details. Craemer and BPO went through a structured process, which started with the major challenges. An idea exploration was done, followed by the combination of the most promising ideas in different concept designs, each with its own unique combination of solutions.

After one concept was selected for further development, the design was detailed step by step, while adding more detail each time and resolving smaller challenges. According to our usual practice, simulations were used to validate and optimise the performance of the box.

The result is the new hygiene box HB3: The first and only completely closed pallet box on the market. It consists of two one-piece injection moulded elements: The first is the top part, or the box body, and the pallet with three welded runners is the bottom and second part. Another special feature is a patented weld seam geometry for joining both plastic elements, which ensures maximum impact resistance and break strength. The weld seam is contour-milled and therefore almost invisible.

For the inner structure, various options were considered. In the end, there was an optimal balance achieved between hygiene, manufacturability, and structure. A combination of a waffle structure, (optional) enclosed steel profiles and hollow structures was chosen to meet the strength and stiffness requirements. The final configuration on these elements has been developed in an iterative process between the 3D design and simulation results.

With this new box, Craemer’s manufacturing is pushing the limits of technology. For more information on the HB3 pallet box, visit the product page.


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