The Lite-shock, Neopulse and Lock ‘n’ Roll (the latter under the brand name American Tourister) comprise examples of the complete product range in the “hardside” segment of the suitcase manufacturer Samsonite. BPO has made essential contributions to the development of this range of suitcases.

Neopulse is a new suitcase in the polycarbonate range. The thermoformed shells are formed with extremely sharp corners, which gives a large internal volume as well as a modern design. The sensitivity of the sharp corners for denting has been simulated and optimised by BPO.

Lite-shock is made of Curv, a self-reinforced polypropylene composite material, and it is the lightest Samsonite suitcase ever made. The 75 cm variant weighs only 2.5 kg, 300 grams less than its very successful predecessor Cosmolite, while adhering to the same strict quality requirements. The round, organic design has a unique shock-absorbing effect. BPO has assisted Samsonite Group with the design of the new suitcase by selecting the optimal shape for impact behaviour from a range of alternatives, using complex finite element simulations.

Lock ‘n’ Roll Lock ‘n’ Roll is the latest American Tourister suitcase, consisting of two injection moulded polypropylene shells with a three point locking system. The relation between the height of the upper and lower shell is more extreme than usual for suitcases in this product segment. This way the suitcase can be packed more easily, but it results in higher requirements concerning the strength and stiffness of both shells. An important starting point for the conceptual phase of development was the construction of a solution that prevents the shells from deforming too much during impact loads and that prevents failure from excessive stresses. In the lower shell an integrated tube is constructed that is part of the telescopic system of the pull handle. This method of construction stretches the limits of both the strength of the suitcase as well as the construction of the injection mould. During the conceptual and engineering phases BPO supported the R&D department of Samsonite Group with simulations of different impact orientations and loads on components like the handle, locks, wheels and the aforementioned pull handle.

This way Samsonite Group continues to push the boundaries. An integral approach in combination with the knowledge, experience and simulation prowess of BPO enables the development of innovative, ever lighter, suitcases.

Lite-shock and Lock ‘n’ Roll were both awarded a Red Dot Design Award.

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