The term “copy-paste” implies a simple assignment. But to develop a product that is fully integrated into existing logistical systems and at the same time has some added functions certainly presents a challenge.

Commissioned by Hollarts Kunststoftechniek, BPO has developed an inner crate that is placed in a larger crate for intracompany transport for a large Dutch chain of drugstores. Next to this, the outer crate and lid were to be “copied and pasted”, because more of them were needed, but no mould or 3D CAD models were available.

The developed inner crate makes the crate half as deep. This makes it easier for employees in the distribution centres to grab the contents in the Dynamic Picking System while the crate is in a high or low position. The lid that is used in combination with the current crate must also fit on the new crate, even if an inner crate is placed in it.

The stackability and nestability of the new and the existing crates among themselves were of essential importance because all the different crates and lids (old and new) need to be able to be used in the same logistical systems without any need for sorting the different types.

It was of great importance to establish the nominal dimensions of the existing crate in this project. The existing crate shows a large spread on its dimensions and warpage. Using measurements, jigs and a prototype the correct dimensions for the new crate and the associated inner crate and lid were determined. Next to this, all essential functions and geometric requirements of the existing crate were integrated and where possible optimised into the new design. An added feature in the new crate is the possibility to place an RFID tag. To ascertain the mouldability, shrinkage and warpage of the inner crate BPO performed moldflow analyses.

The inner crate, crate and lid are in production and function well in the intracompany transport of the drugstore chain.

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