BPO has executed the complete development of the keystone part for the SOLon system of SOLYCO Solar AG, from the initial design request up to a fully finished product with all required product details. A structured process was gone through together with SOLYCO, starting with the request to make a part that connects all the parts and completes the SOLon system. Different part solutions for the design challenges were created by conducting brainstorming sessions. Several concept directions were then assembled by combining different part solutions.

These design directions were then distilled into one single concept, that was further detailed, step by step, to a design that is ready for tooling and production. According to BPO’s usual procedure, simulations were used to validate and optimise the performance of the design and the component. As an example, the SOLon system must be able to withstand heavy wind gusts of up to 120 km/h and simulations were used to make sure that the design does.

Keystone detail and simulation of solar panel with keystone

Multiple solutions were considered to connect the keystone part to the profiles of the system. In the end, the well-considered decision was made to use a press-fit connection, which means the product can be installed without any additional fasteners.

The result is the keystone part of the SOLon system: the last piece of the puzzle that completes the SOLon system. A system that makes it possible to install PV panels vertically on flat green roofs. BPO constructed a simple injection moulded part that can be easily pushed onto the system profiles and that stabilises the solar panels in the system.

Read more about the SOLYCO SOLon system at www.solyco.com/en/products/solon

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