BPO developed the new Axedo gully in cooperation with DYKA. The modular structure of this product is its most innovative feature. Different variations in volume, connections and accessories can be created from the basic design. The challenge was to engineer robust parts and connections while minimising the unit price in the complete manufacturing process. The design must also align with the Axedo brand and be distinctive from competitor solutions.

A sidewalk or street gully is used to drain rainwater from the streets and roads. The gully is connected to the sewer system and therefore has a water seal to prevent gases from the sewerage to reach the surface. The gully is also equipped with a sand trap: this is a recessed area where heavy particles like sand, leaves and dirt from the street remain. The new gully base even has an optional staircase to help amphibians that have fallen in to climb out.

Different views of the product

The new gully base is assembled from several parts that are manufactured by DYKA. The assembly uses a unique locking mechanism that makes it a faster and cheaper option than welding or gluing. The design of the gully combines functionality and branding: the pattern and direction of the ribs as well as the X-shaped details communicate the brand Axedo. But the ribs on the outside are also used to transfer loads to the surrounding soil and they are used by installers as handles.

At the start of the project, BPO supported DYKA by making design proposals based on the basic principle of clicking parts together within a global design space. Ideas have been generated for possible constructions and designs that combine strength and branding features. The design was then built up in CAD in such a way that it was easy to construct and check different variants. Finally, all parts were engineered and detailed so that they could be manufactured with one set of moulds with exchangeable parts.

All hard parts are injection moulded with 100% recycled PP. This material itself can also be recycled, because one type of material is used in the product. Further, with less material than competitor products the same loadbearing characteristics are achieved. Simulations were used to calculate and optimise the product performance to meet all requirements while using as little material as possible. The gullies can be heavily loaded when a truck moves or parks over them. The requirements for these load cases are standardised and certified by Kiwa. Several unique parts of the gully base have been patented.

Different views of the product in 3D CAD

The project is a prime example of a good cooperation between client and design agency. Knowledge of water sewerage and the production capabilities of DYKA has been combined with the know-how and experience of BPO in designing and constructing these kinds of functional products that still have a striking look. The new gully is an efficient, affordable product that uses sustainable principles like minimal material usage, the use of recycled material and a product that itself can also be easily recycled.

Also see www.dyka.nl/axedo-kolk

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