The Easy Aero roof ventilator is an innovator plastic roof ventilator for your cargo or delivery van. The ventilator that is driven by wind expels moisture, dangerous gases and heat from the vehicle. BPO has developed the project by assignment of Imbema Rhiwa. The result is a unique product: very efficient, without any moving parts and it can be installed without a floor opening, so there is no need for making holes in the bottom of the van.

The starting point of the development was of course to make sure that a good ventilation is safeguarded. The first idea was to have the air come into the van via the roof and have it escape through some sort of exhaust in the bottom of the vehicle. This is the principle of most currently available roof ventilators. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses it was researched how to use and guide the flow of air as efficiently as possible. In the end, a complete different functional principle was developed: fresh air enters the van via a hole in the roof and air exits via a hole close by the first hole. BPO has managed to guide the air in such a way that ‘short circuiting’ is prevented, all the air within the cargo bay of the vehicle is made to move, creating one big air circulation.

Imbema Rhiwa has tested the ventilation using the product extensively. Like the simulations predicted, the ventilator works very well in practice and it is proven to reach the predicted efficiency of 70 cubic meters per hour.

Good ventilation properties were not the only requirements for this product. In the design, BPO also accounted for a simple installation: in just three steps the product can be installed in the van. Also, an extra drainage hole in the floor of the vehicle, as required for many current ventilators, is not necessary. Important for the newly developed innovative product was of course an attractive unit price. The Easy Aero roof ventilator is assembled from four relatively simple and easy to produce injection moulded parts. The unit price can therefore be very competitive.

Finally, good looks increase the potential of a product. BPO has specifically tried to create a robust design, combined with a sleek look. The strong construction without any moving parts in a sleek and aerodynamic design makes the design not only visually attractive but also robust and sustainable. The design has to potential to have a long life, since there are no moving parts that require maintenance and lubrication. Next to this, Imbema Rhiwa has decided, based on BPO’s advice, to make all parts of the ventilator out of one type of plastic, ABS. This makes sure that the material can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

An interesting piece of knowledge about the Easy Aero roof ventilator is that the ventilator is watertight, also in special situations. The product can not only withstand an intense rain shower, it can also go through a car wash with water jets from all sides. Imbema Rhiwa has introduced the product on trade fairs first. It has been received with enthusiasm by clients and subsequently it was decided to start the mass production of the ventilator. The product is now available to buy.

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