An international pharmaceutical company is benefitting from the optimisation services of BPO since several years. BPO assists in the cold forming process of their blisters made of laminated sheet material. These blisters come in sheets and are used to pack medicine in the form of capsules.

The company came to us with a challenge in their production process. The capsule pockets are made of a laminate which consists of several plastics and aluminium and is pre-processed. In the cold forming process or stamping of these shapes, the design could be optimised to save excess material. With extensive simulations, BPO was able to change the design in a way that improved the design significantly. These simulations gave a clear insight in which direction the optimisations were to be applied.

In the following years after this result, BPO was able to help with the design of their new capsules. The new designs were made according to the set of design rules that were drawn up after the previous case. With the knowledge used from other projects, we were able to help our client in an efficient way. This reduces the risk that the company takes before large production investments are made.


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