Brabantia’s newest refuse bin Bo Touch Bin is one for design enthusiasts. Next to its sleek appearance and large opening, top-of-the-line Bo has a system for opening the lid with only the slightest of touch. Also, the model has 1, 2 or 3 different sized internal buckets made of 100% recycled material, that make it ideal to use for waste separation.

One of the major challenges in the design was keeping the lid‘s clean and sleek appearance during years in use. The system for opening of the lid acts with a permanent, albeit relatively low, force on the construction of the lid. This could have led to unwanted deformations of the lid. BPO has assisted Brabantia with the development of the lid and the inner buckets. Focal points here were the preservation of the clean look of the design over the long term, optimizing the design for more strength and stiffness and the mouldability of all parts.

The strength and stiffness of the design has been simulated by BPO using the finite element method (FEM). Especially a lifetime of use of at least 10 years was looked at, as well as the “behaviour” of the material for such a long time span. The geometry was optimized by eliminating local weak points by increasing the wall thickness in exactly the right areas and by improving the construction of the load bearing parts. This optimization guarantees the sleek appearance of the top of the waste bin, even after years of use.

Using moldflow analyses BPO has optimized the mouldability of the different parts, thereby guaranteeing that the strict requirements regarding the looks of the design were also met in the production of the injection moulded parts. The analyses of BPO have contributed to the unique design of Brabantia’s new top-of-the-line waste bin. For more information check the Brabantia website.

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