The Courier Door offers a solution for mounting a prefab aluminum door or flap with an (automatic) lock in flat walls of loading containers on trucks, vans and trailers. Because the locking system is complex, the idea was conceived to develop a lock case in which the various components can be pre-assembled to make sales, assembly and use easier.

BPO has developed the plastic lock case in such a way that the various operating parts can be mounted in a separate housing, making assembly of the complete unit easier and faster. Multiple configurations can be put together using the lock case. For example, a variant can be made with a simple mechanical lock, but it is also possible to set up the lock case in such a way that the couriers can open the door with a tag.

Opening the door with a tag is very useful for couriers. The door is opened with the tag on a wristband and automatically locks after removing the packages. In this way, the courier has his hands free to carry packages, no one has access to the cargo hold during delivery and fewer actions are required per delivery.

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