Bekuplast is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic reusable transport packaging. By assignment of Bekuplast, BPO developed the modular Basicline Plus (800x600mm). The development was done based on existing elements of the crates of Bekuplast.

The complexity of the Basicline plus can be found mainly in the large number of variations and options. One can choose for an opening at the side, a hinged door or no opening. Also, there are versions with or without watering holes in the side walls. The bottom can be ordered either flat, with a sandwich construction or with a higher centre to prevent bulging. Grips and ticket holders can be placed at request. Finally, the Basicline Plus is available in several heights, and can be fitted with legs, wheels or pallet skids. So many options are not only ideal for a costumer, but also a nice challenge for the designer.

BPO analysed which geometry and features could be used from the existing Basicline and Silverline and for which parts a redesign was required or desirable. The opening panel, first designed as a relatively complex injection moulded part with spring elements, was simplified by BPO to one flat, cut out panel. The feet and pallet skids have been designed from scratch, because these were not part of the Bekuplast product portfolio before. The pallet skids can be mounted with click edges, if required with the aid of screws. Of course, the pallet skids fit on all variations of the Basicline plus. During development BPO performed strength and stiffness analyses (FEM) as well as moldflow simulations. The functionalities of the design were verified using an in-house 3D printed model at full size. For more information check the Bekuplast website.

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