The new BauderSOLAR UK FD is a plastic base construction for almost every type of framed standard photovoltaic module and it is especially suitable for large flat roofs. BPO has developed and engineered the first concept up to ready-for-production parts.

BPO developed a 3D concept design that incorporates important requirements like installation, assembly, robustness and compact transportation. In order to calculate the effects of wind and snow loads simulations were used during the development. All separate plastic parts were analysed using injection moulding simulations, so an optimal manufacturability and high quality could be reached.

The system is installed with a plastic bayonet closure on a bottom plate. This bottom plate is welded watertight to the roof with a (plastic or bitumen) sleeve. The solar module is installed without using any tools and it is fixated with a new type of spring clip. The solar module is placed at an angle of 12° to use the solar rays and roof area most efficiently. The Paul Bauder firm supplies not only the base construction but also the complete photovoltaic system, consisting of module, inverter, cables and cable gutter.

The base construction has an optimal structure and rib pattern for the tough mechanical loads like wind pressure and suction forces. The structure and rib pattern were optimised in multiple iterations using calculations. Especially the influence of the long lifetime, temperature and UV degradation on the properties of the plastic were taken into account.

The separate parts are assembled using snap fits and clamping connections. All parts are thin walled and constructed for production using injection moulding. The main structure is made of polypropylene, the other parts are made of 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamide (Nylon).

The module, including pre-mounted components, is very compact (its stacking height is just 60 mm) and it can be stacked in a stable manner, this way as many base constructions as possible can fit in a single trailer. This, combined with the quick installation on site, makes the BauderSOLAR UK FD system a very cost efficient solution.

During the development several life-size prototypes were made to test the mechanism. BPO’s 3D printer was used optimally for this purpose. The design of the assembled construction and of all separate parts was laid down in the technical documentation, consisting of technical drawings, bill of materials and proofing dimensions including their tolerances.

The base construction parts are injection moulded by the firm HSV TMP. The first systems have already been installed to the full satisfaction of planners and installers.

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