The innovative Ahrend 250 office chair series by designer Frans de la Haye has now been completed with among other things a mesh backrest and a new backrest with an M.C. Escher-inspired design. Recently also the new visitor chair from this successful series was introduced. BPO has engineered the complete A 250 series in close cooperation with the product development division of Ahrend.

The 250 is a modern successor to the “Centennial” office chair introduced by Ahrend in 1996. The challenge for BPO was to combine the strict requirements of Ahrend with the sketches of the shape by Frans de la Haye into an elegant and robust design.

To maximize the seating comfort there are numerous adjustments incorporated, like an adjustable lumbar support and arm rests that are adjustable in three ways. Parallel with the realisation and engineering of the numerous functions and mechanical solutions calculations on the strength and stiffness were conducted.

To the 250 series now the eye catching M.C. Escherinspired mesh backrest is added. The development of this backrest can be called painstaking because of the subtle surface transition over a double curved surface. Next to the different variants of the office chair the corresponding visitor chairs were developed by BPO. Unique for the fourlegged variant is the inclusion of an “auto return”. This gives the user easy entry and exit and it also returns all seats to a neat ordnance after they have been left. The engineering of the mechanics behind this feature was an added challenge because of the limited design space.

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