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Twenty years ago, BPO assisted Syngenta Flowers with the development of their current plant carrier: The Xtray. These replaced single use polystyrene trays, so the main production already includes returnable trays. The disposable plastic tray is still being used on some occasions.

Syngenta Flowers wanted to get rid of the disposable tray’s, but this would require a new system. After years of experience with the product, they had a set of functional and technical requirements for the model they wanted. The new plant carrier should be close to the ground, to easily water the growing plants from below. It should also have less spacing in between when placed in a grit and be reusable. During transport, there was need for more room in height for the plant and its delicate leaves.

BPO innovated the current model, which resulted in a two-part product: The Xcarrier. The first part is the tray, which contains 104 pockets and holds the young plants. The tray is reusable and can be efficiently stacked for transport when it is empty.
The second part is the carrier. The carrier is stackable and compatible in stacking with the current Xtray. The carrier holds the trays during transport to keep the plants safe.

Both the Xcarrier and the Xtrays are made of the same plastic. The estimated lifespan of both parts of the Xcarrier is up to ten years. When a defect occurs, the Xcarrier can be recycled into the same product. That way, a circular material system is facilitated.

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