Recently, the new SOLYCO SOLo Solar System was released. SOLo is developed as an elegant alternative to conventional solar systems. The modules fit into the roof tile rows and are also perfect for small and/or fragmented roof surfaces. The system allows for a small distance between the modules, which guarantees an efficient use of the available roof space.

BPO has codeveloped the SOLo hooking system and mounting method. The slim hooks are produced from a glass fiber filled plastic and are pushed under the roof tiles to be fixated.

The hooks are then secured to the underlying roof battens and offer an attachment option for the compact glass glass solar panels on the outside of the roof. SOLo can be installed very quickly and without any tools or railing system. Due to the ingenious construction of the mounting system that BPO created, the SOLo Solar System forms one standardised solution that can be used with roof tiles of different heights and thicknesses.

The hooks form an assembled system on the roof, which achieves a high stability with low weight. BPO has performed FEM- and Moldflow analyses, to make sure the product meets the technical requirements with as low as possible weight and costs. The frameless crystalline SOLo modules are hooked up in three hooks each, secured and wired.

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