The Histor Paintcan is an innovative square paint can made of plastic. It is a packaging made of PET modified to handle alkyd (solvent based) and acrylic paints that has a few advantages compared to the conventional steel can. Not only is the Paintcan lighter and is it more easily handled, it can be easily opened and closed by hand. The packaging is used by PPG Coating Nederland and has been developed in close cooperation between WeLL Design (design), Omefa (injection moulder) and Will&Co (material supplier). BPO has contributed to the development with strength and stiffness analyses and wall thickness optimisation.

The transition from steel to plastic for this purpose can truly be called revolutionary. The new product has to be as strong as the steel can, but in the meantime be as light and thin walled as possible, to save on cycle time and material costs.

BPO has subjected the design of the paintcan to different strength and stiffness analyses. Based on the results of these analyses the necessary wall thicknesses of the different versions have been optimised.

The “Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum” (Netherlands Packaging Centre) has awarded the Histor Paintcan the “Gouden Noot”. The jury has given praise to the distinctive design and the user friendliness for the painter especially. The square shape of the Paintcan gives Histor a very recognizable spot on the shelf.

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