BPO helped BE O Lifestyle with the development of the BE O Mug. We have been able to apply expertise in the design of features that improve stackability to the design. BPO also conducted research into the stability of stacked cups and found the right compromise between design and function.

production colors of the Be O Mug

As of January 1, 2024, disposable plastic cups will be legally prohibited in the office and other locations. The BE O Mug is the ideal replacement for these disposable cups. The cup has a capacity of 220 ml, comparable to the most commonly used current disposable cups (so coffee machines do not need to be readjusted).

The BE O Mug is a coffee cup made from used vegetable oils and is 100% recyclable. The cup is produced in the Netherlands, close to the customers. This means it has a minimal CO2 footprint. The BE O Mug is available in four colors with a natural fiber. The elegant cup is ideal to be placed next to the coffee machine in the office: the cup is stackable and dishwasher safe.

CAD models of the Be O Mug

The final design was provided by BPO with all necessary production details, such as draft angles, roundings, texts and signs. The model was delivered complete with technical drawing, so that tools could be created immediately for a very quick introduction in view of the new legislation taking effect on January first.

To introduce potential customers to the new product, BPO has produced photorealistic renders of the BE O Mug in the intended production colors green monstera, brown hibiscus, beige pampas and cream ficus. We also facilitated the production of a first small series by means of vacuum casting. This allows BE O Lifestyle customers to try out cups before ordering the production version.



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