An introduction of project manager Jan Eek

My name is Jan and I work as a project manager at BPO. 32 years ago I started here as the first employee of the company! At the time, my study major involved calculating with plastic products and my graduation supervisor knew that Oscar Brocades, founder of BPO, was looking for someone with that knowledge.

As a project manager, I am involved in the entire cycle of a project: maintaining customer contacts, making quotations for inquiries, assembling the project team and ensuring that projects are properly executed by the team. On a typical working day, I review several technical simulations and communicate them through a detailed report to the client.

After work I regularly play tennis or skate on the skating rink. I also recently took a bike ride through the Rotterdam port area with colleagues. We have lunch together at the office every week and if there is another drink in the afternoon I am definitely up for it!

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BPO develops innovative products in an integral process from idea to detailed design.

Plastic product development is our specialty. Since 1987, BPO has been the agency for technical product development. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders.

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