Product design for horticulture

At BPO we have already been able to carry out a number of horticultural-related projects from A to Z. The focus points for these products are improved functionality and cost reduction, but sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important topic for our clients.

Royal FloraHolland | Flower container

BPO supervised the entire design process and, in the role of independent consultancy, substantiated the interim decisions with 3D CAD drawings and simulation results. The flower container is produced in a circular manner, which means that at the end of its life, each container serves as a raw material for newly produced containers. Read more about the product here..

Syngenta | Xcarrier

BPO developed the product from the first idea to the Xcarrier. Using FEM simulations on various concepts, BPO was able to choose the best product geometry to withstand the present forces. In the Moldflow simulations, special attention has been paid to warping. Both the tray and the carrier are made of the same plastic. When a defect occurs, the Xcarrier can be recycled into the same product.

The Xcarrier has since been successfully introduced and a worldwide patent has been granted for this system. The Plantum industry association presented an award for this product in the ‘competition for the most sustainable initiative of 2021’. Read more about the Xcarrier here..

Strawberry crate | Beekenkamp verpakkingen

In collaboration with a group of strawberry plant growers, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed a new storage crate for strawberry plants. The crate will replace the existing wooden crates and is both nestable and stackable. This results in enormous volume savings during the storage season and savings on transport. BPO has analyzed the stacking strength of the crate.  Read more about the strawberry crate here..


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