Impact simulation flower container

A great part of the projects we carry out at BPO is for the logistics industry. Typical for logistic products is that they’re produced in large quantities, the use of them is intensive and they should be as lightweight as possible for transport.

For the flower container we designed for Royal FloraHolland, we’ve analysed different usage scenarios. We simulated for instance what happens with different stacking loads at high temperatures for a long period of time. The flower container was also dropped from different heights in our simulations, to predict the behaviour of its geometry.

According to the results of our analysis, the geometry has been optimised. As can be seen in the video, the container is now able to withstand an impactful drop. Furthermore, the practical requirements have been accounted for in the new design, like ticket holders, de-nesting under its own weight and grips without sharp (mould split) edges.

The flower container is intensively used throughout the whole cycle. From breeder, via flower auction to flower stands and supermarkets. Although sometimes roughly used, the flower container survives multiple cycles and therefore contributes to a sustainable cycle.

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