FEM-simulation workshop for students from the TU Delft

Last Wednesday, for the second year in a row, we hosted a FEM-simulation workshop for students from Industrial Design Engineering | master track IPD. The students could pick this workshop as a part of the IDE Academy course, in collaboration with Futury – IPD. After a short introduction of our services and expertise, we challenged the attendees to set up a FEM-simulation themselves! They started with drawing a FBD and setting up a simulation for a specific load case. In between the students presented their results to learn from each other and to receive feedback. The last part of the workshop was about optimising the simulations and iteratively improving their product.

The students were motivated and did very well! They jumped into the simulations and, with the help of our colleagues, were ultimately able to produce simple simulations. Afterwards we received good feedback from the students, including that they enjoyed being able to improve a physical product with a technical approach while keeping all (injection moulding) requirements in mind.

The workshop was finished with drinks and snacks outside of the office, while enjoying the nice weather. At BPO we love to keep the connection with students and are happy to educate about our work, so hopefully we will be able to host it again next year!

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