De Koeriersdeur (The Courier Door)

A project where BPO has worked on, ‘de Koeriersdeur’, was recently featured in an episode of the ‘How it’s done Plus’ program on RTL Z. Owner Jelle Bontekoe explained that the door is designed especially for parcel and courier services and can be unlocked electrically with a tag. When closing the door, no additional actions are required to lock it again. The product provides a user-friendly way to smoothly deliver parcels, plus it is the ideal locking system to prevent theft of your cargo.

The courier door offers a solution for mounting a prefab aluminum door or flap in flat walls of loading containers on trucks, vans and trailers. Because the locking system is complex, the idea was conceived to develop a lock case in which the various components can be pre-assembled to make sales, assembly and use easier. BPO has developed the plastic lock case for this so that the various operating parts can be mounted in a separate housing, making assembly of the complete unit easier and faster.

Curious for the complete video fragment of De Koeriersdeur? Visit the homepage to watch the whole piece.

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