Beamler Prototyping

BPO uses Beamler to create prototypes of plastic products using 3D printing technology. Beamler helps our engineers in finding the best suitable material our their 3D printing projects. Beamlers’ extensive up-to-date database of 3D printing materials offers the tools to compare mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties of all the 3D printing materials currently on the market.

Through their automated quoting service our engineers can quickly get insight into the cost of printing their parts. Beamler is an online additive manufacturing platform giving companies access to a global network of 3D printing services. Beamler specializes in special materials and high-performance polymers. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in the Netherlands.

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Plastic product development is our specialty. Since 1987, BPO has been the agency for technical product development. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders.

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