Products from the BPO portfolio at the Dutch Design week

A few weeks ago, two of our colleagues were present at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven to pick up on the latest trends in product design. One noticeable trend was that designers identified large streams of waste material to use it as a base for new projects. There were concepts of sneakers made from dog hairs, houses 3D-printed from cow manure, stone-like material made from old crockery and experiments with plastic waste material.

One concept at the DDW that BPO helped developing to a producible product was the Be O Bottle from BE O Lifestyle, a water bottle made from waste material that is left over from sugar cane processing. The waste material is made into HDPE granulate and then injection moulded. The Be O bottle can be recycled after use.

The second concept at which BPO took care of producibility was the REX chair, designed by Ineke hans and produced by Circuform: The first chair in the Netherlands that can be returned for a deposit fee of €20,-. The REX design was already launched in 2011, but the injection moulds are now compatible with recycled material. After return, the parts of the chair can be cleaned, repaired, resold and/or recycled.

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